We understand many are going through difficult times during this un precedented pandemic.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are experiencing the illness or have family or friends experiencing the same.  Our hopes for a stabilizing and return to normalcy in the future is shared with all who are experiencing the financial impact this outbreak has brought.

Our office continues to remain fully operational amidst the challenges we face to provide critical legal representation to all those in need.  We continue to advance our clients cases and are prepared to work on new cases to ensure our clients are ready when the courts and government agencies return to normal operations.  If there is something this crisis can teach us is that we must be prepared.  The Advances in technology has allowed us to continue providing our services. This commitment to our mission enables us to offer our clients the advantage of being prepared when operations of our judicial and government agencies return.  If you are in need of legal representation, take advantage and get prepared.  We are here to assist you.

At the same time, please stay home stay healthy a and stay safe. Our communities will rebound, and our bonds will reconnect us. We shall weather this storm – this interruption in our lives is part of the solution, and our great nation of immigrants will get through it.

To cope with the stress, anxiety and feelings of despair, here are our suggestions:

  • Relax.  Take a deep breath. Exhale. This shall pass. Civilization has weathered worse storms. The future will be a little different than we knew a few months ago, but we’re up to the task.
  • Reevaluate.  Staying home may be new to some, but the reality is that so many of us were killing ourselves with overworking and neglecting our families. Critical deadlines, it turns out, can be postponed. Take this time to focus on what really matters– our health, our wellbeing, and our families.
  • Reconnect.  Technology has enabled us to remain connected. Everyone is home. Call your friends, your family and your neighbors. Be a lifeline for those with limited resources and volunteer to deliver food or basic necessities. Listen, learn, share.

We look forward to continue focusing on you, our valued clients, as we turn to the future. We welcome those who want a sense of commitment and dedication to their cases and are ready to provide the much-needed attention and focus. Please feel free to reach out. We look forward to hearing your questions, concerns and ideas, as we create the new post COVID 19 era – Together.